The Most Common Car Noises: Car Shop near me Greenbrae CA

Car Shop near me Greenbrae CA


Car problems can be a headache for any driver, and finding a Car Shop near me, Greenbrae, CA, to get an auto repair can be challenging.

At Mellow Motors Greenbrae California, we have a team of factory-trained technicians who can handle any repair from routine services and repairs to complex repair with dealer level workmanship.

Over the years as a driver, you've probably run across noises that your car makes when it's running or driving. Sometimes these sounds come from one specific part of the vehicle - like an engine noise in traffic. Other times it's hard to pinpoint where exactly they're coming from.

Sometimes, a minor noise can be an indication that there is no major problem with your car. In these cases, the sound usually goes away after some time. Still, it might worsen over time and become more severe if not dealt with right away.

Here are some of the most common car noises - Car Shop near me Greenbrae CA:

Tire Noise

Tire noise is one of the most common unusual noises you might encounter. Still, it can also indicate a variety of issues. So if your tires are making any strange sounds at all or have started vibrating more than usual, then be sure to take note so that an auto mechanic in Greenbrae, CA, knows what needs attention right away.


Squealing Noise

When you hear that annoying squealing noise, there is most likely one or more under inflated tires. Under inflated tires can cause various problems for your car, including suspension and other parts, so it's best to bring them to a car shop in Greenbrae, CA, right away.


Humming Noise

When you hear that annoying hum in your tire, it could be an indication of a problem. The sound will sometimes worsen when driving on Greenbrae roads with speed bumps or cracks because these surfaces have gaps between them, allowing air to flow freely through but not always smoothly at different speeds.


Brake Noise

Brake noises can be heard when you're braking, and the process of bringing all that momentum to a halt requires a vast amount. So while normal circumstances might make for minimal noise, there should be strange sounds and an increase in temperature.


Rattling Noise

You may have heard a slight scraping or rattling sound when you let up on the brakes. It is because brake pads expand due to the incredible amounts of heat they produce from friction. It can cause some natural movement that will go unnoticed.

How Engine Tune-Ups Extend the Lifespan of Your Vehicle - Car Shop near me Greenbrae CA

Engine Tune-Up will ensure that your engine is in top shape. When you come in at an automotive repair and service shop at Greenbrae, CA, for your car's tune-up, the mechanic will check that everything is working correctly and make any repairs needed.

They'll also do a code scan to see if there are ignition troubles or exhaust leaks. Again, it is to ensure that your car is in peak performance and maintain fuel efficiency.

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