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What Are the Common Causes of Oil Leaks in Audis?

What Are the Common Causes of Oil Leaks in Audis?

Audi vehicles are the most luxurious and high-performing automobiles on the market. They appeal to a diverse market with their sportiness and elegance. Since Audis are designed with premium parts, it can be disheartening when simple malfunctions impact their owners. One of the most common problems for Audis is oil leaks. Every car will experience a leak from time to time. However, if you ignore the problem, it can lead to major complications in the future.   How to Determine an Oil Leak in Your Audi The most apparent sign of an oil leak is if you see a puddle of oil underneath your parked car. A pool of oil may be the first red flag for Audi owners. Another sign of a possible leak is smelly fumes emitting from your motor. The issue with oil leaks is that they can be hazardous to the environment and damage your engine. If a leak is left untreated, permanent engine damage can result.    Common Causes of Oil Leaks in Audis Damaged or Aged Seals The pressurized syste ... read more

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