Mini Repair In Marin County, Getting The Right Diagnosis

Are you the proud owner of a Mini Cooper? You may have experienced this common misdiagnosis for Minis: the Check Engine Light is on and the guy at the parts store tells you the O2 sensor code is setting it off. Many Mini owners believe this means they need a new catalytic converter, which comes at no small price. This is just one of many commonly misdiagnosed issues with this unique British mini-car. These mistakes can be costly and time consuming. In order to accurately diagnose a Mini, any mechanical problem requires more than just reading codes from an onboard computer. In our years of practice we have seen first hand the results of a bad diagnosis, bad business practices or a simple lack of experience. When a Mini owner brings us their vehicle for a second opinion, we have the expertise and technology to diagnose the issue accurately. As an owner of such a well-built machine, you should have confidence in the person who works on your Mini. We specialize in BMW, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo. Your Mini will get the attention it deserves in the hands of our specialists. When you're ready for your last second opinion regarding Mini repair, Marin County has the #1 mechanics in the area. Call us today and let us become your trusted lifetime Mini guru!


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