How to Best Care For Your Toyota

How to Best Care For Your Toyota

With so many distractions from everyday life, your car's maintenance is often overlooked. This is understandable, but over time will cost you preventable repairs and unnecessary stress. Here are the best practices to protect the longevity and durability of your Toyota vehicle.

Check your fluids regularly

Toyota recommends checking your fluid levels every six months to maintain car engine health. Not doing this can cause extensive issues with the transmission system, steering, engine cooling, and brake integrity. You can learn how to check the levels of these from reading your owner's manual or bringing your vehicle into our professional auto repair shop. 

Wash underneath your car

Make sure that you wash underneath your car at least once every two to three months. It maintains the frame of the car and prevents grime from getting sucked up into the air filters. Most automatic car washes have an underbody spraying feature, but you can also do it at home for free. Toyota owners that have disregarded this have had to deal with rusty frame issues as well as overworked cabin and engine filters.

Get a tire rotation schedule

Tire rotations should be done one to two times a year. Doing this makes sure that your tires wear evenly and helps maintain the car's suspension system. Not doing this will, over time, cause expensive structural components to wear out faster. This is especially important for Toyota crossover and SUV owners. Give our shop a call to schedule your routine rotations.

Remember the Drive Shaft

On larger vehicles like the Tacoma, Highlander, and 4Runner, Toyota recommends you have the propeller shaft, also called drive shaft, professionally inspected once a year. Neglecting this could cost you in 3–4 years with a slow decline of the 4WD and AWD systems. Our trusted mechanics will be able to help with recommendations for your specific vehicle type.

Keeping the above recommendations in mind will help your Toyota vehicle stay at its best while saving you money and time. If you need Toyota maintenance or repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our professional auto repair shop today!

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