4 Mistakes Every Car Owner Should Avoid - Car Mechanics Near Me in Greenbrae, CA

Car Mechanics Near Me in Greenbrae, CA

Vehicle owners in Greenbrae, CA, often don't realize they're making simple mistakes that can ruin their car's engine or shorten its lifespan. Car care is a vast topic and one you should learn more about if you want your vehicle to last a long time. As such, our seasoned car mechanics in Greenbrae share four common car care mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Driving a vehicle too much or too little

Both are equally bad for your vehicle. For instance, excessively long drives can cause clogging in the fuel line because of dust accumulation. This may lead to the car not starting correctly the next time you turn on the ignition. Car care experts say you should try to take a break every two hours, even if it means pulling over to a rest area where you can relax for a bit before continuing your drive. 

On the other hand, driving too little can cause the engine to accumulate dirt and grime. You will likely experience difficult startups or clunking noises when you turn a vehicle on after a long while. Our car mechanics in Greenbrae, CA, recommend driving at least 10,000 miles a year.

2. Neglecting your automotive fluid levels - Call car mechanics near you today

Your vehicle's fluids play a vital role for the whole assembly to function correctly. That's why you need to frequently check up on all these fluid tanks and ensure everything is at normal levels.

For instance, oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine while acting as a coolant to protect it from overheating. Low oil levels cause friction between metal surfaces that can severely damage your engine. 

Our expert car mechanics in Greenbrae also recommend checking transmission fluid levels since this is the lifeblood of the entire system, with low levels leading to corrosion and overheating. Mellow Motors' car mechanics will inspect each fluid level to identify which needs refilling or replacing.

3. Ignoring noises, odors, vibrations, and other symptoms of automotive issues

You should never ignore weird sounds or problems that your vehicle experiences each time you get behind the wheel. After all, these could indicate or result in more critical issues.


Auto repair experts recommend taking it to your car mechanics in Greenbrae if you notice these telltale signs. When you hear an unusual noise or notice problems with the brakes, steering, fuel system, suspension components, and other parts because they could require immediate attention. Mellow Motors will conduct diagnostics to identify the issue and fix it sooner rather than you having to suffer an unexpected breakdown in the future.

4. Neglecting your maintenance schedule with car mechanics in Greenbrae, CA

Simple tasks like rotating tires and replacing air filters don't take much time. However, they can make an enormous difference in keeping your vehicle in good working order. Our car mechanics at Greenbrae recommend that you visit us at least once every six months for an inspection and have any potential problems fixed right away. We offer factory-grade services, diagnostics, and repairs from bumper to bumper.

We also suggest that you check what's under the hood yourself at least once a month. This can help you identify minor issues before they turn into nasty and expensive repairs. Consider getting your car washed regularly as grime and road salt can severely damage the paint.

Car Mechanics Near Me in Greenbrae, CA

Avoiding these common mistakes can go a long way for the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. For more vehicle care tips and all your auto repair needs, just call our friendly car mechanics near you in Greenbrae, CA. Just book an appointment online, or visit Greenbrae auto repair facility at 34 Rich St, Greenbrae, CA 94904.


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