iDrive And BMW Repair In Marin County

iDrive is the software that runs your BMW's computer system. Also known as a "vehicle control system,"  it tracks the different functions of your vehicle by combining the secondary systems of your car (climate, communications, audio and navigation), with a variety of sensors. The LCD screen in the middle of your console then displays messages about your car's health based on the information from the iDrive control system. With a control knob and a menu button, you can scroll through the options to find out about your BMW's performance. For more answers about diagnostics, iDrive and BMW repair in Marin County, contact one of our certified technicians today. We are full service BMW mechanics who specialize in routine service and complex diagnostics and we will service your BMW  -- quickly and efficiently -- with the latest in computerized technology. Schedule an appointment today for maintenance or repair on the world's finest driving machine. Mellow Motors iDrive And BMW Repair In Marin County


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